>General Questions

Q:Are you a trading company or a factory?

A:We are a hardware spring manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production experience.

Q: What are the benefits for long-term importers or distributors?

A: For long-term cooperation customers we will give appropriate concessions but also enjoy a large number of advantages.

Q: How long will it take me to get the price?

A: In general, after receiving your inquiry, we will reply as soon as possible within 1 working day to avoid any inconvenience to you.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: T/T or other accounts.

Q: Why choose us?

A: We are a leading manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production of hardware springs and currently have proven technology, continuous stamping parts, precision stamping parts, machined parts and components experience. We focus on creating high quality, durable, reliable hardware components to meet your unique specifications.

>Product Questions

Q: What can I buy from you?

A: Spring series products, stamping parts, machine parts, barbecue and so on

Q: Can I take a sample? Is it free?

A: If we have the sample you need in stock, we can send it for free. If we don’t have the sample you need, we need to charge a certain sample fee.

Q: How do I know your quality?

A: You can know our quality through product pictures, actual shooting videos, customer reviews, etc.

Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Depending on the number of products and the ease of processing, we generally speed up production when we receive an order

Q: What is the sample size provided?

A: Look at the material thickness range of 3-100

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: Communication, no fixed range limits.

Q: What is unique about the packaging of our products?

A: Can be packaged according to customer needs, our conventional packaging is carton, blister tray, roll tape and so on

Q: How to ensure the true nature of raw materials?

A: Our materials are all regular hardware, you can also welcome to our factory field visit.

>Factory Questions

Q: What is the capacity of your factory?

A: About 45 million a month.

Q: Where is your factory?

A: In Jimei District of Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, you are welcome to visit and investigate at any time

Q: What kind of equipment does your factory have?

A: CNC, stamping equipment, compression spring equipment, special-shaped spring equipment, etc., about 40-50 units.

>After-sales Questions

Q: What will you do if the product is damaged or broken during transportation?

A: We need to do a full assessment. According to the packaging pictures, product damage and quantity details provided by the customer, if the product damage is caused by us, we will provide appropriate compensation. If the damage or loss is caused by the improper operation of the logistics company or the buyer’s irregular discharge, we will assist the buyer to resolve the problem.

Q: What kind of after-sales service can we provide?

A: We can provide you with necessary consulting services, product force testing, and other product reports, PPAP reports, relevant certificates and so on.


We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to complete our online product presentation. Our company has the ability to produce and supply all kinds of springs products you need. We know that choosing the right supplier can be time consuming. Let’s put the order a side. We just want you to know that if you have questions about the future, please contact us and we will always be here!