Hongsheng Spring Tail Tooth Banquet Successfully Concluded!

Global Marketing, Create Brilliant – Hongsheng Spring Tail Tooth Banquet Successfully Concluded!

With The End Of The Old Year And The Joy Of The New Year, In This Season Of Vientiane Renewal, Hongsheng Spring Under The Starry Night Sky, With A Grand And Warm Tail Tooth Celebration, To The Past Year, Say Treasure, Open To The New Year.

On January 19, 2024, We Held The Annual Tail Tooth Celebration At Royo Spa Hotel With The Theme Of “Global Marketing, Create New Glory”.The Shining Lights Reflected Every Face Of Expectation And Joy, And The Celebration Kicked Off In The Warm Opening Speech Of The General Manager, Who Thanked All The Staff For Their Hard Work And The Support And Trust Of Customers And Suppliers. And Said That Hongsheng Will Continue To Uphold The “Quality First, Customer First” Concept, Continuous Innovation, To Provide Customers With Better Products And Services.

With The Lively Youth, Cheerful Music, Dynamic Opening Dance “We Come Together”, Led To The Atmosphere Of The Scene, Smart Steps And Rhythm Of The Dance, Vitality Overflowing, For The Whole Tail Tooth Banquet Injected A Joyous Atmosphere.

Cut Through The Thorns, Fruitful. In The Past Year, Hongsheng Family Overcame Difficulties, Worked Hard, And Made Outstanding Achievements In Ordinary Posts. This Ceremony Awarded Honors To The Winners Of Individual Awards, Seniority Awards And Outstanding Contribution Awards, In Order To Encourage Everyone To Live Up To Their Original Aspirations And Create A Better Future.

In Order To Increase The Interest Of The Tail Tooth Banquet, The Cross Talk “Three Periods And A Half” Link Began. The Humorous Crosstalk Performers Drew Bursts Of Laughter And Applause With Their Unique Performances. Everyone Felt The Festive Atmosphere In The Laughter.

Xiamen Hongsheng Hardware -Spring Co., Ltd.

“Water In The Dream” Beautiful Dance With Beautiful Music, Dancers Dressed In Traditional Water Village Costumes, As If To Bring You Into A Dream Water Village World.

This Was Followed By The Audition Live Skit, In Which The Actors Showed Their Talent And Sense Of Humor Through A Wonderful Performance, And The Audience Burst Into Laughter. Everyone Felt The Cohesion And Vitality Of The Team In The Laughter.

Xiamen Hongsheng Hardware -Spring Co., Ltd.

“Chasing Dreams” Is The Chorus Of The Whole Team, So That Everyone Feels The Strength Of The Team. Everyone Sang In Unison, Full Of Passion And Motivation, Demonstrating The Unity And Centripetal Force Of Hongsheng.

Xiamen Hongsheng Hardware -Spring Co., Ltd.

As The So-Called “Time Does Not Live, The Season Is Like Flow”, In The Busy And Full Year, We Have Experienced Ups And Downs Together, And Jointly Wrote A Brilliant Chapter Of Hongsheng. Over The Past Year, We Have Bonded Together And Moved Forward. Looking Ahead, We Are Full Of Expectations And Ready To Meet New Challenges And Opportunities.

In 2024, The Journey Of 10,000 Miles Of Wind Is Strong, And The Heavy Task Of Qianjun Will Work Hard Again. We Will Be Vigorous, Spirited, Fearless Courage, Innovation, Forge Ahead. Let Us Write A More Brilliant New Chapter Of Hongsheng Together.

Global Marketing, Create Brilliant – Hongsheng Spring Tail Tooth Banquet Successfully Concluded!

Xiamen Hongsheng Hardware -Spring Co., Ltd.


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